Fourth of July Lanterns

Fourth of July Hanging Lantern


  • Cleaned out can
  • Rag Strips of Fabric
  • Paint
  • Wire
  • Ice Pick


  1. Make sure you can is clean.
  2. Poke holes in your can using your ice pick. If you don’t have an ice pick you can use a drill and a piece of wood. Either way you chose to do it just be super careful. Not only are the drill and ice pick sharp but so is the can once you’ve punctured it.
  3. You want two holes on opposite sides for the hanger and several holes in the bottom for the rags.
  4. Paint your can the color that you want. I made this one blue but I’ve also made some that look like the flag with red and white strips. If you use any white make sure you have two coats. After the paint is dry, make sure you give it two coats of varnish or mod podge to seal it.
  5. Add your scrap ribbons by poking the fabric through the hole with the ice pick or a needle. Once you get the fabric in the hole, pull the fabric up and tie a double knot on the other side to secure it in place. Pull the fabric back down when finished. Repeat all the way around your can until the bottom holes are filled.
  6. Add wire to the top two holes so that you can hang your lantern.

Published by littlekatybugs

I love crafting super easy and fast projects which don’t cost a lot of money to make. As a Mother of three kids, If I can’t make something within a certain time limit, I probably will never finish it. If I can make these things, anyone can make these things. I like to look for ideas from other groups and talented ladies; then try to make them for myself and show others how easy it is to do.

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