Kitchen Scarf Sewing Tutorial

I got this kitchen scarf kit and pattern from The Quilted Cow. This is one of my favorite things to make because its simple and I have a need for them in my kitchen. I am always cooking with a towel that I eventually end up putting down on the counter and walk away fromContinue reading “Kitchen Scarf Sewing Tutorial”

DIY Coaster

Here we have another great gift idea. These would look super cute on top of a three tier tray or inside of a dough bowl for decoration. Supplies: Wooden Discs (Walmart) Paint Twine Ribbon Varnish Instrucitons: Paint and let dry Varnish with three coats and let dry in between each coat. Embellish coaster as desiredContinue reading “DIY Coaster”

Mason Jar DIY

How cute would these painted mason jars be as a gift??? My original idea was to make the apple jar as a teacher’s gift but then I expanded on that because I have a slight obsession with all things strawberries right now. Supplies: Mason Jars (Walmart) Paint Twine Twigs from the yard Cardstock Flowers IContinue reading “Mason Jar DIY”

Scatter Screen Pumpkin

I have been seeing these scatter screen pumpkins on Pinterest and I wanted to try one for myself because unlike a lot of other DIY projects, this one stands up on its own after you’re finished. Supplies: Three scatter screens from Dollar Tree Spray Paint Flowers Ribbon Hot Glue Gun Floral Wire Instructions: Lay outContinue reading “Scatter Screen Pumpkin”

Salt n Peppa Mini Flower Vases

Supplies: Hot Glue Flowers Chalk Paint Twine Acrylic Paint Metallic Lustre Instructions: Unscrew the lids off the salt and pepper shakers. Save them for the middles of the flowers. Paint the salt and pepper shakers with two coats of chalk paint. Let dry. Rub some metallic lustre in the grooves and on the edges ofContinue reading “Salt n Peppa Mini Flower Vases”

Rain Boot Door Hanger

Supplies: Rain Boot (visit a thrift store or use an old one that doesn’t fit anymore) Ribbon Artificial Flowers Styrofoam, Tissue Paper, Packing Paper (Something for a filler) Instructions: I took a pair of rain boots that my daughter outgrew and filled them with some Styrofoam that came in some furniture I had recently purchased.Continue reading “Rain Boot Door Hanger”

Sewn Pillow Covers

This is a great project for a beginner. It’s great because you can cover your decorative pillows in any fabric of your choice. It’s cheaper than buying a new pillow and it’s much easier to wash. Supplies: Fabric (I used 38 inches of a fabric I bought from JoAnn’s on clearance. It’s a little moreContinue reading “Sewn Pillow Covers”

Firework Balls

First, let me just say that these did not turn out exactly how I hoped they would. However when I got them into my Americana tree they look pretty awesome. I’m going to have to get more q-tips so that I can make blue ones. 🙂 Supplies: Paint Styrofoam Balls Q-tips cut in half orContinue reading “Firework Balls”

Uncle Sam Clothespin

Supplies: Clothespins Paint Felt Tip Marker Popsicle Stick Hot Glue Instuctions: Cut a very thin strip from the Popsicle stick and hot glue it onto the clothes pin about quarter of an inch down from the top. Paint from the bottom of the Popsicle sick to the top of the clothes pin blue and letContinue reading “Uncle Sam Clothespin”

Pop Can Flowers

Supplies: Empty Pop Cans Pruning Shears Craft Scissors Button/Bead/Jewel Hot glue Pencil/paint brush Instructions: Make sure you wash out your cans before starting! With your pruning shears cut the top of the can off. Cut small strips lengthwise down the can. I cut mine about quarter inch to make more pedals for my flower. BendContinue reading “Pop Can Flowers”

Colorful Birdhouse

Supplies: Birdhouse Moss Popsicle Sticks Box Sign Metallic Lustre White Chalk Paint Small Artificial Flowers Hot Glue Instuctions: I took a small wooden box sign that I purchased from Big Lots on clearance and covered the edges with white chalk paint. I let that dry. For this project I’m only using the back side ofContinue reading “Colorful Birdhouse”

Simple Wreath

Supplies: Wreath from Dollar Tree Artificial Flowers Floral Wire Small Sign Ribbon Instructions: Attach your flowers where you want them to go using the floral wire. Twist on the back side to secure in place. Drill holes in the sign or block where you want the ribbon to hand through it. Use the ribbon andContinue reading “Simple Wreath”

Rustic Wall Decor

Supplies: Dollar Tree Sign Black and White Chalk Paint Dollar Tree Decal Jute Instructions: Flip your Dollar Tree sign over to the blank side and remove the hanger. Paint the sign with black paint. Let it dry. Paint white using a dry brush until you get the effect you want. Let it dry again. AddContinue reading “Rustic Wall Decor”