String Art on Wood Block

Hi All!! This is a project that my kids love!! I did this as a party activity at my daughter’s 5th birthday, and it was a huge success!!! It’s fairly easy, but for a party it requires a bit of prep if you are doing it with younger kids. I had a wide variety ofContinue reading “String Art on Wood Block”

Painting Stencil on Wood Block

Hi, Need a gift for a lady that loves to make things with power tools of a sort? Take a look at this cool, fairly quick gift idea!! Perfect for a “she shed” or garage or even in your kitchen!!! Obviously you can use this technique on other word phrases and pictures as well, let your imagination run wild!!

Simple Easy Homemade Cards

Hi!!! Have you ever had no time to get a card, but really wanted one, but didn’t want it to look cheapy or not thought out either? I have an easy solution for you! Supplies: Cardstock (color of your choosing) Glue Washi Tape (optional) Ribbon (optional) Embossing machine and/or folders (optional) Stickers (optional) Markers/pens (optional)Continue reading “Simple Easy Homemade Cards”

Creating Some Appeal to Plastic Storage

Hi All! Donna Beth here!! I’m still in the middle of organizing and putting my front room back together and rearranging to make it flow better. While doing this, I decided my very tired filing cabinet where I store my 8 1/2 x 11 paper needed to either go or be revamped. Well since weContinue reading “Creating Some Appeal to Plastic Storage”