Turn a Bottle or Jar into a Scarecrow

Upcycling at it’s finest involves using only items that would otherwise be thrown away. The scarecrow that I make in this post is very very close to that. My kids were done with the sticker book and about ready to throw it away. Me being me however, stopped them and said, okay, mommy’s turn toContinue reading “Turn a Bottle or Jar into a Scarecrow”

Creating DIY Potty Chart and System

Hi Folks!!! My kids are still little and my son is still having a hard time feeling like going to the bathroom in the toilet is worth it to him. **Sigh** But like any other persevering mom, I am determined to not have potty accidents a thing in my house any more!!! So in theContinue reading “Creating DIY Potty Chart and System”

Ink Stamp on Chalk Paint

Hi All!! Last night I tried something I had never before attempted! I put an ink stamp on chalk paint. I had building my courage for it for a while, and last night was the night! I got to use some of my pre-done bits of art and combine them in a new way. 🙂Continue reading “Ink Stamp on Chalk Paint”