Simple Baby Blanket with Applique

Hi All!! Welcome to another sewing project! I made these for one of my good friends. Her grandchildren are expecting soon, and these went to them! I took some progress pictures along the way of different parts of both of the blankets, but I did them the same way, so I’m combining them into 1Continue reading “Simple Baby Blanket with Applique”

Upcycled Purse/Tote

Hi All!! Welcome to another project! I was spending some time watching some YouTube videos on crafting and came across a video by Don Kim (Click here to see the video that inspired me.) and I just knew I had to recreate it and convert to inch measurements versus the centimeter measurements he showed. IContinue reading “Upcycled Purse/Tote”

Scrap Buster: Fabric Flowers

Hi All, Life has been hectic for me with Summer Break from school with the kids home. Anyone relate? Of course anyone with kids home during the summer knows that your normal schedule of doing things gets thrown out the window for the most part and you have more questions through the day if youContinue reading “Scrap Buster: Fabric Flowers”

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Wall Hanging

Hi All, I actually did this on the night of Tues, May 12th. 🙂 I apologize for not getting this up sooner, but you know…. the life of a mom can be unpredictable, but when there are also special needs involved… it really gets crazy sometimes. I made these Crocheted Skulls last fall following theContinue reading “Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Wall Hanging”

Sam I Am Felt Hat

Hi All, So as moms sometimes do, I had improvise last minute on a costume for my son tomorrow for Dr. Seuss Day at school. He’s gonna be Sam I Am… cause that’s what I could come up with. He’s gonna wear his dad’s plain yellow t-shirt and this hat. If I was more ambitiousContinue reading “Sam I Am Felt Hat”

Memory Pillow from Men’s Shirt

Hi All, For most of you that follow our page, you’ll know that my dad passed away in June of this year. When I was back helping to settle some of his affairs, I was able to get a few of his shirts that he used to wear to make into pillows. It took meContinue reading “Memory Pillow from Men’s Shirt”

Kitchen Scarf Sewing Tutorial

I got this kitchen scarf kit and pattern from The Quilted Cow. This is one of my favorite things to make because its simple and I have a need for them in my kitchen. I am always cooking with a towel that I eventually end up putting down on the counter and walk away fromContinue reading “Kitchen Scarf Sewing Tutorial”

Cactus Pin Cushion (Scrap Buster)

Hi All, Today I realized that I needed another pin cushion, and to restock my gift closet a little bit, so Pin Cushion Catcus to the rescue!!!! I actually was inspired to create these from emails I get from National Sewing Circle. They have lots of great tips and projects to help anyone improve theirContinue reading “Cactus Pin Cushion (Scrap Buster)”

Sewn Pillow Covers

This is a great project for a beginner. It’s great because you can cover your decorative pillows in any fabric of your choice. It’s cheaper than buying a new pillow and it’s much easier to wash. Supplies: Fabric (I used 38 inches of a fabric I bought from JoAnn’s on clearance. It’s a little moreContinue reading “Sewn Pillow Covers”