The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity

Hi All!!! Today one of the assignments for my preschooler from his teacher was to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and then create a caterpillar out of materials we had at home. I am going to include her suggestions for materials as well as what we actually used. My kids enjoyed thisContinue reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity”

Alphabet Mystery Day

Hi!! This week my son’s teacher gave out some work that our 5 and 6 year old children really enjoyed; so I wanted to share it with our followers. It is a great boredom buster that engages with the alphabet for Kindergarten aged children and under. One of the days the directions were to ReadContinue reading “Alphabet Mystery Day”

Earth Day People Kid Craft

Hi All!! Happy Earth Day 2020!!! Today we decided to create some Earth Day People for our craft using scraps from my bin. (Thanks Ms. Anna – my son’s teacher – for the inspiration!!!) Supplies: Contruction paper/Colored paper/paper plate in the color (or painted or colored) blue Contruction paper/Colored paper in the color (or paintedContinue reading “Earth Day People Kid Craft”

“Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss

Hi! Donna Beth here!!! For those that are looking for activities to do with your younger children during the stay at home orders, during the summer, or anytime you get the dreaded, “I’m bored!” Here is a good activity for Kinder or younger aged children. Thanks to the inspiration from my son’s Pre-school teacher. YouContinue reading ““Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss”

Number Identification Bingo

Hi! Donna Beth here!!!! If you have little ones that are learning numbers and can maybe count up just fine but not identify a written number properly this game is for you!!!!! Supplies: Paper Something to write with Something to mark the number with (I used Cheerios and then they were a snack) Instructions: WriteContinue reading “Number Identification Bingo”