Cardstock Dream Catcher

Hi All, I want to introduce you to a fellow member of the Cricut-verse! Her name is Maura Casanovas. I met her on the Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane Facebook group. She posted this amazing project and was gracious enough to have me feature it on our page too! This is a cardstock dreamContinue reading “Cardstock Dream Catcher”

Earth Day People Kid Craft

Hi All!! Happy Earth Day 2020!!! Today we decided to create some Earth Day People for our craft using scraps from my bin. (Thanks Ms. Anna – my son’s teacher – for the inspiration!!!) Supplies: Contruction paper/Colored paper/paper plate in the color (or painted or colored) blue Contruction paper/Colored paper in the color (or paintedContinue reading “Earth Day People Kid Craft”

Paper and Note Organizer

Organize loose papers and notes! Donna Beth here! Spring cleaning is something I’ve been working on as I’m stuck in my house with my kids and hubby. Here’s one thing that has really helped me. Add a folder of some kind that you are dedicated to looking at somewhere in your office-y type area whereContinue reading “Paper and Note Organizer”