Upcycling Wooden Silverware Case

Hi there LKB followers!!! Donna Beth here, and I was inspired to create a memory box from an old wooden silverware case I was given. I have a friend that designs amazing sculptures, jewelry, and wind chimes from old silverware. She then ends up with lots of boxes and gives them away to those thatContinue reading “Upcycling Wooden Silverware Case”

Metal Outside Table and Chair Makeover

Hi All, So this project I had thought was going to take about 3 days to complete. It was a fun project, though it turned into a week long project because of weather delays. I enjoy being able to put my random crafting skills to use to help my friends when I can. For thisContinue reading “Metal Outside Table and Chair Makeover”

Painting Ornaments with Kids

Hi All, I did these ornaments with my children. The picture above with more types and colors of ornaments we did 2019. The picture on the right are the ones we did this year in this video. It was a fun activity we could do together. https://fb.watch/3n_XBlW4pb/ Supplies: Wood ornaments (The ones pictured in thisContinue reading “Painting Ornaments with Kids”

Front Porch Sitter/Plank

Hi All, I had done this Live Video on Facebook back at the end of November of 2020. I had gone to the Pinner’s Conference in Phoenix, AZ, and this is a project that I started there in one of the classes. It really makes a statement as you walk up to our door now.Continue reading “Front Porch Sitter/Plank”

Paint a Rose Tutorial

Hi All, My mom’s favorite flower was a rose or a crazy daisy. Because of this, I got good at painting roses when I was little. It’s one of the first flowers I learned to draw in fact, or was it a Tulip???? Oh well, you get the idea, anyway. I still don’t paint orContinue reading “Paint a Rose Tutorial”

DIY Coaster

Here we have another great gift idea. These would look super cute on top of a three tier tray or inside of a dough bowl for decoration. Supplies: Wooden Discs (Walmart) Paint Twine Ribbon Varnish Instrucitons: Paint and let dry Varnish with three coats and let dry in between each coat. Embellish coaster as desiredContinue reading “DIY Coaster”

Mason Jar DIY

How cute would these painted mason jars be as a gift??? My original idea was to make the apple jar as a teacher’s gift but then I expanded on that because I have a slight obsession with all things strawberries right now. Supplies: Mason Jars (Walmart) Paint Twine Twigs from the yard Cardstock Flowers IContinue reading “Mason Jar DIY”

Painted Wood Heart Ornaments

Hi All, I had a lot of fun making these festive wood ornaments. I had gotten them in the impulse section of the store as you walk in to my local Fry’s Grocery in early February. They were labelled as gift tags, but I thought they’d make excellent ornaments! I have quite a few friends,Continue reading “Painted Wood Heart Ornaments”

Painting an Easter Truck as a Farm Truck

Hi All!!! I did this project a couple of weeks ago on Facebook as a Live stream. I was able to actually give it to my mom’s sisters when I had to go Washington state the second week of June. They both loved it! 🙂 I designed it with my grandad’s cattle brand on theContinue reading “Painting an Easter Truck as a Farm Truck”

Ink Stamp on Chalk Paint

Hi All!! Last night I tried something I had never before attempted! I put an ink stamp on chalk paint. I had building my courage for it for a while, and last night was the night! I got to use some of my pre-done bits of art and combine them in a new way. 🙂Continue reading “Ink Stamp on Chalk Paint”

Conversations through Crafts

Hi All!!! I hope you are all having a good Memorial Day!! First thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all military service members here and abroad that have given their lives to help protect others and their freedoms, or try to provide additional freedoms. We owe a huge debt to you!!! ToContinue reading “Conversations through Crafts”

Paper Flower Shadow Box

Hi All, So this was an interesting project with multiple steps. Because of that I ended up breaking it up into parts and posting about the different parts of it as my daughter and I were doing them. I really like how it turned out in the end!! The first part we did was toContinue reading “Paper Flower Shadow Box”

Message Board/Picture Frame

Hi Little Katy Bug Followers and guests!!! Yesterday was an exciting day! Katy and I got to do a craft …… TOGETHER!!! Although Arizona is still under a Stay-At-Home Order for most things, and is highly recommending social distancing where possible, which Katy and I fully support, I had to go and pick up someContinue reading “Message Board/Picture Frame”

String Art on Wood Block

Hi All!! This is a project that my kids love!! I did this as a party activity at my daughter’s 5th birthday, and it was a huge success!!! It’s fairly easy, but for a party it requires a bit of prep if you are doing it with younger kids. I had a wide variety ofContinue reading “String Art on Wood Block”

Painting Stencil on Wood Block

Hi, Need a gift for a lady that loves to make things with power tools of a sort? Take a look at this cool, fairly quick gift idea!! Perfect for a “she shed” or garage or even in your kitchen!!! Obviously you can use this technique on other word phrases and pictures as well, let your imagination run wild!!

Painting a Stair Rail

Hi! Donna Beth here! Here are some tips on painting a hand rail for a stair case. Please see the video tutorial on our facebook page. Supplies:Hand Rail – (taken down for ease of painting)400 grit sandpaperPaintPaint stickPaint brush (I prefer fine bristle brush) Instructions: Take hand rail down. Clean really well. I used babyContinue reading “Painting a Stair Rail”