Cardstock Spring Egg Garland

Hi All, For spring this year, I wanted to have some updated decorations. To do this, I used cardstock and cut out egg shapes and them sewed them together on my sewing machine. This is the first time that I had tried to sew cardstock together, but it was so easy and fast! Definitely goingContinue reading “Cardstock Spring Egg Garland”

Turn a Bottle or Jar into a Scarecrow

Upcycling at it’s finest involves using only items that would otherwise be thrown away. The scarecrow that I make in this post is very very close to that. My kids were done with the sticker book and about ready to throw it away. Me being me however, stopped them and said, okay, mommy’s turn toContinue reading “Turn a Bottle or Jar into a Scarecrow”

Toilet Paper Roll Creations

Hi All, My daughter loves this type project!!! We do it quite often. This time I let her use the glue gun for the first time. Can you say nervous momma?? I wanted to try to curb my natural inclination to jump in, so did it live….. that way I had an audience. lol. IContinue reading “Toilet Paper Roll Creations”

Paper Flower Shadow Box

Hi All, So this was an interesting project with multiple steps. Because of that I ended up breaking it up into parts and posting about the different parts of it as my daughter and I were doing them. I really like how it turned out in the end!! The first part we did was toContinue reading “Paper Flower Shadow Box”

String Art on Wood Block

Hi All!! This is a project that my kids love!! I did this as a party activity at my daughter’s 5th birthday, and it was a huge success!!! It’s fairly easy, but for a party it requires a bit of prep if you are doing it with younger kids. I had a wide variety ofContinue reading “String Art on Wood Block”

Planner Clips/Bookmarks

Hi!!!! If you’re like me, you like all things stationary. ๐Ÿ™‚ I organize my thoughts by writing them down. If I don’t, I get all jumbled up. I need something to go back and reference. So because of this, I use a planner/notebook to keep track of different things. Otherwise again, totally lost!!! I usuallyContinue reading “Planner Clips/Bookmarks”

Simple Easy Homemade Cards

Hi!!! Have you ever had no time to get a card, but really wanted one, but didn’t want it to look cheapy or not thought out either? I have an easy solution for you! Supplies: Cardstock (color of your choosing) Glue Washi Tape (optional) Ribbon (optional) Embossing machine and/or folders (optional) Stickers (optional) Markers/pens (optional)Continue reading “Simple Easy Homemade Cards”

Homemade Musical Shaker

Hi All!!! There are several kinds of musical instruments that you shake to play. My daughter’s teacher challenged us to make a shaker instrument from things at home, and this is what we came up with. It’s kind of like a maraca, but we used what we had on hand. Supplies: Container (tin, plastic, glass)Continue reading “Homemade Musical Shaker”

“Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss

Hi! Donna Beth here!!! For those that are looking for activities to do with your younger children during the stay at home orders, during the summer, or anytime you get the dreaded, โ€œIโ€™m bored!โ€ Here is a good activity for Kinder or younger aged children. Thanks to the inspiration from my sonโ€™s Pre-school teacher. YouContinue reading ““Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss”