Upcycled Jeans Leg to Grocery Bag Holder

Hi All, Does anyone else have a bag or box of bags of grocery bags that are overflowing, but you don’t want to get rid of any because you never know what you’re going to actually need every single one of them and then not have them? I’ve actually run out before… but not forContinue reading “Upcycled Jeans Leg to Grocery Bag Holder”

Cactus Pin Cushion (Scrap Buster)

Hi All, Today I realized that I needed another pin cushion, and to restock my gift closet a little bit, so Pin Cushion Catcus to the rescue!!!! I actually was inspired to create these from emails I get from National Sewing Circle. They have lots of great tips and projects to help anyone improve theirContinue reading “Cactus Pin Cushion (Scrap Buster)”

Painted Wood Heart Ornaments

Hi All, I had a lot of fun making these festive wood ornaments. I had gotten them in the impulse section of the store as you walk in to my local Fry’s Grocery in early February. They were labelled as gift tags, but I thought they’d make excellent ornaments! I have quite a few friends,Continue reading “Painted Wood Heart Ornaments”

Simple Easy Homemade Cards

Hi!!! Have you ever had no time to get a card, but really wanted one, but didn’t want it to look cheapy or not thought out either? I have an easy solution for you! Supplies: Cardstock (color of your choosing) Glue Washi Tape (optional) Ribbon (optional) Embossing machine and/or folders (optional) Stickers (optional) Markers/pens (optional)Continue reading “Simple Easy Homemade Cards”

Homemade Musical Shaker

Hi All!!! There are several kinds of musical instruments that you shake to play. My daughter’s teacher challenged us to make a shaker instrument from things at home, and this is what we came up with. It’s kind of like a maraca, but we used what we had on hand. Supplies: Container (tin, plastic, glass)Continue reading “Homemade Musical Shaker”