Scrap Buster: Fabric Flowers

Hi All, Life has been hectic for me with Summer Break from school with the kids home. Anyone relate? Of course anyone with kids home during the summer knows that your normal schedule of doing things gets thrown out the window for the most part and you have more questions through the day if youContinue reading “Scrap Buster: Fabric Flowers”

Toilet Paper Roll Creations

Hi All, My daughter loves this type project!!! We do it quite often. This time I let her use the glue gun for the first time. Can you say nervous momma?? I wanted to try to curb my natural inclination to jump in, so did it live….. that way I had an audience. lol. IContinue reading “Toilet Paper Roll Creations”

Salt n Peppa Mini Flower Vases

Supplies: Hot Glue Flowers Chalk Paint Twine Acrylic Paint Metallic Lustre Instructions: Unscrew the lids off the salt and pepper shakers. Save them for the middles of the flowers. Paint the salt and pepper shakers with two coats of chalk paint. Let dry. Rub some metallic lustre in the grooves and on the edges ofContinue reading “Salt n Peppa Mini Flower Vases”

Pop Can Flowers

Supplies: Empty Pop Cans Pruning Shears Craft Scissors Button/Bead/Jewel Hot glue Pencil/paint brush Instructions: Make sure you wash out your cans before starting! With your pruning shears cut the top of the can off. Cut small strips lengthwise down the can. I cut mine about quarter inch to make more pedals for my flower. BendContinue reading “Pop Can Flowers”