Simple Wreath

Supplies: Wreath from Dollar Tree Artificial Flowers Floral Wire Small Sign Ribbon Instructions: Attach your flowers where you want them to go using the floral wire. Twist on the back side to secure in place. Drill holes in the sign or block where you want the ribbon to hand through it. Use the ribbon andContinue reading “Simple Wreath”

Rustic Wall Decor

Supplies: Dollar Tree Sign Black and White Chalk Paint Dollar Tree Decal Jute Instructions: Flip your Dollar Tree sign over to the blank side and remove the hanger. Paint the sign with black paint. Let it dry. Paint white using a dry brush until you get the effect you want. Let it dry again. AddContinue reading “Rustic Wall Decor”

Spring Bird Garland

Like everything that I tend to make, I started with one creation which lead me to a remake creation. Both things were cute but this finished product matches my home decor more. I love it. Supplies: Dollar Tree Felt Birds Dollar Tree Ping Pong Balls Yarn Ribbon Paint Hot Glue Paint Brushes Instructions: Paint theContinue reading “Spring Bird Garland”