Upcycling Wooden Silverware Case

Hi there LKB followers!!! Donna Beth here, and I was inspired to create a memory box from an old wooden silverware case I was given. I have a friend that designs amazing sculptures, jewelry, and wind chimes from old silverware. She then ends up with lots of boxes and gives them away to those thatContinue reading “Upcycling Wooden Silverware Case”

Scrap Buster: Fabric Flowers

Hi All, Life has been hectic for me with Summer Break from school with the kids home. Anyone relate? Of course anyone with kids home during the summer knows that your normal schedule of doing things gets thrown out the window for the most part and you have more questions through the day if youContinue reading “Scrap Buster: Fabric Flowers”

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Wall Hanging

Hi All, I actually did this on the night of Tues, May 12th. 🙂 I apologize for not getting this up sooner, but you know…. the life of a mom can be unpredictable, but when there are also special needs involved… it really gets crazy sometimes. I made these Crocheted Skulls last fall following theContinue reading “Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Wall Hanging”

Turn a Bottle or Jar into a Scarecrow

Upcycling at it’s finest involves using only items that would otherwise be thrown away. The scarecrow that I make in this post is very very close to that. My kids were done with the sticker book and about ready to throw it away. Me being me however, stopped them and said, okay, mommy’s turn toContinue reading “Turn a Bottle or Jar into a Scarecrow”

Paint a Rose Tutorial

Hi All, My mom’s favorite flower was a rose or a crazy daisy. Because of this, I got good at painting roses when I was little. It’s one of the first flowers I learned to draw in fact, or was it a Tulip???? Oh well, you get the idea, anyway. I still don’t paint orContinue reading “Paint a Rose Tutorial”

Toilet Paper Roll Creations

Hi All, My daughter loves this type project!!! We do it quite often. This time I let her use the glue gun for the first time. Can you say nervous momma?? I wanted to try to curb my natural inclination to jump in, so did it live….. that way I had an audience. lol. IContinue reading “Toilet Paper Roll Creations”

Who Stole the Cookies? Cookie Jar

Hi All, So this was a project I did at the end of the night thinking it would actually put me in a great mood after a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It didn’t quite work out that way…. such as life. My neighbors, who I adore, just moved to another town; andContinue reading “Who Stole the Cookies? Cookie Jar”

Painted Wood Heart Ornaments

Hi All, I had a lot of fun making these festive wood ornaments. I had gotten them in the impulse section of the store as you walk in to my local Fry’s Grocery in early February. They were labelled as gift tags, but I thought they’d make excellent ornaments! I have quite a few friends,Continue reading “Painted Wood Heart Ornaments”

Cricut Iron-on Design Put on a Pillow Case

Hi All, Cricut has a line of ink transfer designs that are beautiful!! This is a great way to create in a limited window of time. A lot of the work has been done for you, but you still get to have creative fun in picking what to put the designs on and where toContinue reading “Cricut Iron-on Design Put on a Pillow Case”

Rain Boot Door Hanger

Supplies: Rain Boot (visit a thrift store or use an old one that doesn’t fit anymore) Ribbon Artificial Flowers Styrofoam, Tissue Paper, Packing Paper (Something for a filler) Instructions: I took a pair of rain boots that my daughter outgrew and filled them with some Styrofoam that came in some furniture I had recently purchased.Continue reading “Rain Boot Door Hanger”

Colorful Birdhouse

Supplies: Birdhouse Moss Popsicle Sticks Box Sign Metallic Lustre White Chalk Paint Small Artificial Flowers Hot Glue Instuctions: I took a small wooden box sign that I purchased from Big Lots on clearance and covered the edges with white chalk paint. I let that dry. For this project I’m only using the back side ofContinue reading “Colorful Birdhouse”