Simple Baby Blanket with Applique

Hi All!! Welcome to another sewing project! I made these for one of my good friends. Her grandchildren are expecting soon, and these went to them! I took some progress pictures along the way of different parts of both of the blankets, but I did them the same way, so I’m combining them into 1Continue reading “Simple Baby Blanket with Applique”

Cardstock Spring Egg Garland

Hi All, For spring this year, I wanted to have some updated decorations. To do this, I used cardstock and cut out egg shapes and them sewed them together on my sewing machine. This is the first time that I had tried to sew cardstock together, but it was so easy and fast! Definitely goingContinue reading “Cardstock Spring Egg Garland”

Cardstock Dream Catcher

Hi All, I want to introduce you to a fellow member of the Cricut-verse! Her name is Maura Casanovas. I met her on the Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane Facebook group. She posted this amazing project and was gracious enough to have me feature it on our page too! This is a cardstock dreamContinue reading “Cardstock Dream Catcher”

Who Stole the Cookies? Cookie Jar

Hi All, So this was a project I did at the end of the night thinking it would actually put me in a great mood after a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It didn’t quite work out that way…. such as life. My neighbors, who I adore, just moved to another town; andContinue reading “Who Stole the Cookies? Cookie Jar”

Cricut Iron-on Design Put on a Pillow Case

Hi All, Cricut has a line of ink transfer designs that are beautiful!! This is a great way to create in a limited window of time. A lot of the work has been done for you, but you still get to have creative fun in picking what to put the designs on and where toContinue reading “Cricut Iron-on Design Put on a Pillow Case”

Painting an Easter Truck as a Farm Truck

Hi All!!! I did this project a couple of weeks ago on Facebook as a Live stream. I was able to actually give it to my mom’s sisters when I had to go Washington state the second week of June. They both loved it! 🙂 I designed it with my grandad’s cattle brand on theContinue reading “Painting an Easter Truck as a Farm Truck”

Paper Flower Shadow Box

Hi All, So this was an interesting project with multiple steps. Because of that I ended up breaking it up into parts and posting about the different parts of it as my daughter and I were doing them. I really like how it turned out in the end!! The first part we did was toContinue reading “Paper Flower Shadow Box”

DIY Chipboard Magazine Holder

Hi All!!! Today I challenged myself to make my own magazine holder instead of buying one. I had to plan it out in advance so that I could wrap my head around it. (Thank you Cricut Design Space!!!) I designed it there and then modified on my paper when I realized that I didn’t haveContinue reading “DIY Chipboard Magazine Holder”

Painting Stencil on Wood Block

Hi, Need a gift for a lady that loves to make things with power tools of a sort? Take a look at this cool, fairly quick gift idea!! Perfect for a “she shed” or garage or even in your kitchen!!! Obviously you can use this technique on other word phrases and pictures as well, let your imagination run wild!!