Bunny Tree Topper

Supplies Old Hanger Jute Hot Glue Lace Instructions: Unhook the hanger and bend the hanger into a bunny ear shape. Make sure you leave the ends of the hanger uncovered for sticking in the tree. Using hot glue, wrap the jute around the bunny ears. I cut mine off at the top and started aContinue reading “Bunny Tree Topper”

Washcloth Stuffed Bunny

Hi!! Donna Beth here! Today I made a silent video on how to make a washcloth stuffed bunny. I hope you find it useful and entertaining. I felt like I was miming the whole time. 🤣 Enjoy!! Supplies: Knitted or fabric Washcloth (mine was 100% cotton yarn) Embroidery #2 (6 strand) thread Wool needle YarnContinue reading “Washcloth Stuffed Bunny”

Felt Stuffed Animal – Bunny

Hi!! Donna Beth here!! Since Easter is around the corner, I wanted to make a felt animal like I used to do with my mom when I was younger. With her being in heaven, it’s like part of her is still here. Supplies: 2 layered pieces of felt (So possibly folding in half depending onContinue reading “Felt Stuffed Animal – Bunny”