Flower Trash Can Makeover

Hi All,

I have had this trash can for probably over 10 years. It was time for a new look, but it wasn’t broken or really scratched up or anything. It just felt blah after so long of looking at it. So I decided it needed a refresh. Take a look at the video below to see me in action. (Warning, I do start over in the video. Not everything works out how you plan. LOL)


  • Trash Can
  • Contact paper/Adhesive vinyl or Wallpaper (In the directions I’ll refer to contact paper)
  • Scissors
  • Scraper or something flat like a credit card
  • Patience


  1. Measure the biggest part of your bin and cut a strip of contact paper the same size plus about 1 to 2 inches of overlap. In the video I have it as all one piece but after doing it, I would recommend doing each side separately.
  2. Always try to start at a center point and smooth the paper outwards. If you end up with a bubble you can use a straight pin to put the tiniest hole and then squish the paper toward the hole to flatten it all out.
  3. Trim the bottom edge if you have overlap. I also had a tiered can so I made multiple cuts along the bottom to have it lay easier and smoother around the curves.

Hopefully this inspires you to think twice about throwing something away instead of refinishing it to match your new style or décor in a room.

Have a great day, and keep creating!!

Published by Donna Beth Feagins

I am a mom of 2, wife, and am always looking to create something myself instead of buying it. I met Katy from Little Katy Bugs after becoming a mom, and we both love to craft, both have active families, and a tactful way of telling others what we truly think. I LOVE THAT!!! Art is subjective and so is crafting. So, you may not love everything we make or do, but our goal is to inspire you to create yourself and make things that you will LOVE! We do still sell some of our crafts on the site, at craft fairs, and Katy now participates in a booth store front. Check out our Facebook page for more on the booth. Sometimes we just need inspiration and camaraderie. I hope we can help provide those things to you. Sincerely Donna Beth, a Co-Blogger of www.LittleKatyBugs.com

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