Cricut Iron-on Design Put on a Pillow Case

Hi All,

Cricut has a line of ink transfer designs that are beautiful!! This is a great way to create in a limited window of time. A lot of the work has been done for you, but you still get to have creative fun in picking what to put the designs on and where to put them too! I have a link to the one that I used in this video on our Must Have Amazon Supplies, but there are a ton more available! 🙂 These can also be applied to shirts, bags, coasters, certain tiles, canvas and more!


  • Pillow Cover (preferrably in 100% cotton but you can check the site for other options of material to apply the design to)
  • Iron On Design in heat transfer Ink
  • Ironing safe space (Ironing board or mat on a hard surface)
  • Iron (I’m using Cricut Easy Press also on the Amazon list mentioned above, but a normal iron will work too)
  • Teflon sheet or ironing cloth

Instructions: ****Important- When the iron is on the decal, always make sure to not swirl the iron at all or the image will smear. Always directly lift the iron or place the iron directly down on the project.****

  1. Get out all necessary supplies.
  2. Pre-heat Iron to desired heat setting with no steam. (Easy Press is 340 F, regular iron is highest cotton/linen setting with no steam.) This information is also available on the label of the decal if you are using a Cricut one.
  3. Decide on placement of decal.
  4. Pre-press fabric for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Place decal in desired spot making sure to press around the decal edges and not on the decal itself. We don’t want to smear the ink on the warmed pillow cover.
  6. Place teflon sheet or ironing cloth over the project, and iron for 50 seconds in each area, making sure to not swirl the iron at all….ALWAYS put the iron directly up and down only so that the ink doesn’t smear.
  7. Infusible Ink Transfers as Cricut calls them, or heated ink transfers essentially are a cool peel material. This means that you need to wait for it to cool enough that the transferring material won’t come up with the carrier sheet. In this case, let it cool a full 2 minutes or longer. Always make sure to peel slowly so that if it starts to lift you can assess if the project is still too warm or needs to be pressed for more time. This knowledge is something that honestly just comes with practice. It’s hard to describe fully, but most people pick up on it right away.
  8. Once the carrier sheet is removed, let it sit for 24 hours before washing the first time, and your project is ready to enjoy! Add your pillow and add to your favorite spot for a comfy uplifting addition to your decor that you made!

Have a great day, and keep creating until we meet again!!

Published by Donna Beth Feagins

I am a mom of 2, wife, and am always looking to create something myself instead of buying it. I met Katy from Little Katy Bugs after becoming a mom, and we both love to craft, both have active families, and a tactful way of telling others what we truly think. I LOVE THAT!!! Art is subjective and so is crafting. So, you may not love everything we make or do, but our goal is to inspire you to create yourself and make things that you will LOVE! We do still sell some of our crafts on the site, at craft fairs, and Katy now participates in a booth store front. Check out our Facebook page for more on the booth. Sometimes we just need inspiration and camaraderie. I hope we can help provide those things to you. Sincerely Donna Beth, a Co-Blogger of

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