Hanging Pictures in a Stylized Group

Hi Everyone!!!

Hanging pictures in a group on a wall can be intimidating if you’ve never really done it. Since we have just recently painted my front room, where I do most of the crafting videos from my house at, I figured I would show you how I go about doing this.

For our wedding we were given a set of 5 frames with the tree trunk and 3 branches you see in this collage of frames in this article. We have now added frames of varying color and size as our family has grown on 2 different occasions. (We’ve been married awhile, but once you get your pictures set, it’s hard to get motivated to redo or add or really touch them in any significant way. lol) We added all the brown frames and a lot of the black ones that have more than one picture in them. The word family also came in the original set.

As we went along, I took lots of pictures of the progression so you can visually see how we took on this project, but also here are the main tips I have to share for a project like this:

  • Layout:
    • Lay all of your pictures/paintings that you you want to go together in the group how you would like to see them on the wall on the floor.
    • This way you can see about spacing and if Uncle XYZ is in too many too close to each other…. things like that.
    • Also the color of the frames and the color of the content of the frames should fairly balance out. If you’ve taken any art class I believe they call it the triangle or rule of 3s depending on the teacher, but here is an article to explain it a little better.
    • It should be pleasing to the eye when looking at it, not just because of the subject matter but in how they look together as a group.
    • Important!!! Take a picture of your work!!! Just like saving a document you’re working on so you can go back and reference it.
It’s difficult to see, but this is the layout before it went up on the wall including spacing and placement of pictures/words/tree parts.
  • When hanging the art/pictures/ect. have a starting point and go out from there. Because ours is a tree with a trunk, we started at the trunk and went up and out in stages.
  • When hanging these items on the wall, especially a very tall wall like we are in this project (my husband is amazing and hanging them all for me), a handy trick is to have a couple of pieces of scotch tape, masking tape, or painters tape and add a contrasting color dot to it to place on your picture that will be easily removed after hanging. You will use these dots to figure out where the nail should go in the wall and also they provide nice visual clues when you go to hang it up after the nail is in the wall. Then simply remove to use on the next one, or to finish off the project.

That’s it!!! That’s the mental and physical process we used to actually hang the family tree in our front room/craft room. I hope you find this helpful and helps inspire you to create a group of stylized beauty on your wall somewhere.

Until next time, keep creating!!!

Published by Donna Beth Feagins

I am a mom of 2, wife, and am always looking to create something myself instead of buying it. I met Katy from Little Katy Bugs after becoming a mom, and we both love to craft, both have active families, and a tactful way of telling others what we truly think. I LOVE THAT!!! Art is subjective and so is crafting. So, you may not love everything we make or do, but our goal is to inspire you to create yourself and make things that you will LOVE! We do still sell some of our crafts on the site, at craft fairs, and Katy now participates in a booth store front. Check out our Facebook page for more on the booth. Sometimes we just need inspiration and camaraderie. I hope we can help provide those things to you. Sincerely Donna Beth, a Co-Blogger of www.LittleKatyBugs.com

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