Bottle Cap Owl


  • Bottle Caps/Lids (all different sizes)
  • Paint
  • Twig/artificial flower
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire


  1. Choose what lids and bottle caps will be the body and the eyes of your owl.
  2. Paint the caps accordingly.
  3. Hot glue the pieces of eyes together. Then glue those to the body.
  4. Paint the owls beak.
  5. Cut six pieces of wire for the sides of the owls body. Hot glue them on.
  6. Cut three pieces of wire for each foot. Make sure you leave it long enough to curl around your twig.
  7. Curl your owls claws around the twig. Add flowers if you want.

Published by littlekatybugs

I love crafting super easy and fast projects which don’t cost a lot of money to make. As a Mother of three kids, If I can’t make something within a certain time limit, I probably will never finish it. If I can make these things, anyone can make these things. I like to look for ideas from other groups and talented ladies; then try to make them for myself and show others how easy it is to do.

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