Paper and Note Organizer

Organize loose papers and notes!

Donna Beth here!

Spring cleaning is something I’ve been working on as I’m stuck in my house with my kids and hubby. Here’s one thing that has really helped me. Add a folder of some kind that you are dedicated to looking at somewhere in your office-y type area where you go through your mail and pay your bills and the like. I actually have 2. I have a small binder with planner stickers and memo notes, and then I have my calendar planner that I added pockets for holding notes as well.
I also keep binder clips and paperclips attached that are not being used so that I can attach things so they don’t fall out at any given time. My planner goes with me to all my kids and my appointments. It lives on my Kitchen counter or in my purse when I’m away from home. I tried to do the e-calendars and just failed miserably. I like pen and paper, and feel I can think better with those tools.
Attached is a picture of my planner pockets and a template to use, just size for your needs by putting the image in a Word document or such.

How do you organize your papers and important dates and appointments?

Published by littlekatybugs

I love crafting super easy and fast projects which don’t cost a lot of money to make. As a Mother of three kids, If I can’t make something within a certain time limit, I probably will never finish it. If I can make these things, anyone can make these things. I like to look for ideas from other groups and talented ladies; then try to make them for myself and show others how easy it is to do.

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